Designer Jewellery Online, Custom Jewellery Australia

Stunning designer jewellery can be a girl’s ultimate dream and making sure you select the right piece is crucial when looking to either treat yourself or if you are looking to purchase an item for a specific event such as a birthday, at Christmas or on an anniversary. Sometimes it can be difficult to know what type of jewellery you would like to purchase and what you feel is an appropriate gift, or it may just be the fact that you want to reward yourself every once in a while. We have an extensive range of fine jewellery from necklaces to rings and bracelets to ear rings, whatever item you are looking for, we will always be on hand to help.

Custom Designed Jewellery, Jewellery Restoration and Repairs

Designing your own jewellery is a rewarding experience and gives you a sense of achievement when your designs come to fruition and you see the finished item. Designing your own jewellery adds extra meaning to your prized possession and is perfect for such occasions as wedding rings and anniversary gifts because of the added personalisation. With a strong design team and experienced craftsmen we feel no design can’t be made and we will provide all the resources so you can see your dream items become reality.

Custom designed jewellery doesn’t just come in the form of creating an item from scratch but it can also be about restoring a much loved piece of jewellery back to its former glory, jewellery restoration also allows time for re-sizing and gives you the opportunity to make any desired changes. Obviously when restoring a piece we need to keep hold of the item for a couple of weeks or sometimes a couple of months if necessary. This can be hard for some clients as they have a deep personal attachment to their beloved product, however you can rest assured that we have the utmost security in place and only use the very best companies to provide this for us, such as a Top Locks who provide us with secure locks and safes.

We believe presentation is key when purchasing any item and have tried to create an experience when anyone comes to our store as buying jewellery or designing custom jewellery should be seen as an event and not like everyday shopping. With lavish display cabinets and quality interior design we have created a haven of all your desires when it comes to selecting you special items.

You can find us at expo events, you can get more information on the events by contacting us or through local papers and on social media. We use branded teardrop banners so you will be able to find us easily.